Building Tourism Institutions for Cultural Life that Support Tourism

  • Riyono Gede Trisoko Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Riau


The strength of culture and the uniqueness of the product has always been the main basis for choosing villages to pilot the development of rural tourism villages, which in fact is the value of tourism living. The development movement by making the village the center of economic growth in the community created by the government is an effective strategy to foster a new economy in a more massive and entrenched society, therefore it is important to be welcomed as a new value that builds up.

Making an independent village is a force that deserves to be truly prepared so that prosperity is truly felt, therefore various efforts are needed to orbit pilot villages that have advantages - the superiority of the existence of culture rooted through mature social behavior in a supportive environment. It can be ascertained that the bustling rural tourism proclaimed is a life of the people who put their life's spirit of hope into their daily tourism activities, as a fruit of social maturity, which is part of ethno tourism.

Building a life and living it in truth is a reference for the life of tourism in the countryside, this is because the village is the basis for the birth of social values by making its citizens as models of life. This event is an important measure for the requirements for the emergence of tourism institutions.

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