Determinants of E-service Quality Towards Continuing Using Mobile Application for Hotel Reservation: Case of Agoda Application

  • Krittipat Pitchayadejanant Burapha University International College
  • Kritta-orn Chewwasung Burapha University International College
  • Parinya Nakpathom Burapha University International College
  • Kritiya Srikasem Burapha University International College
  • Manatchanan Lekmeechai Burapha University International College
  • Chanitta Chaiyawet Burapha University International College
  • Sirintip Suriwong Burapha University International College
  • Chen Wei Tso Burapha University International College


Agoda application for booking online is popular in Thailand and dramatically increased in every year because the life style of tourists is changed due to technology adoption. The determinants to find out the effect between electronic service (e-service) quality and continuing usage help the online travel agents to consider the application features. As a consequnce, this research aims to find out the determinants of e-service quality that significantly affect customers’ continuing application usage. E-service quality determinants consist of 5 dimensions: ease of use, application design, responsiveness, information quality and assurance. The respondents in this study are tourists who come to travel to Bangsaen beach and use Agoda application for hotel reservation in this travel. With this study, 400 respondents filled in the questionnaire during March and April 2019. The statistic techniques to analyze for achieving the research objective are exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and structural equation model (SEM). The result shows information quality and responsiveness are significantly influent the continuing application usage. The strongest influence on continuing application usage is information quality and responsiveness, respectively. The finding can assist the online travel agency to reconsider their website or invented mobile application to support their customers for reserving hotel. According to managerial point of view, the tourists are looking for the application that updates information regularly, has precise and clear information. Furthermore, the quick response on customers’ feedback and their request to provide the necessary information is essential for their continuing application usage.


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PITCHAYADEJANANT, Krittipat et al. Determinants of E-service Quality Towards Continuing Using Mobile Application for Hotel Reservation: Case of Agoda Application. Tourism Proceeding, [S.l.], p. 218 - 225, july 2019. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 04 dec. 2023.