The Influence of Instagram Travel Influencer on Visiting Decision of Tourist Destinations for Generation

  • Regina Dewi Hanifah Akademi Pariwisata Bunda Mulia


The growing development of Instagram in the community, especially in Indonesia, also varies the character of the people who use social media. A person's personality can be seen from his Instagram account to the interests and habits of someone. There are several facts related to today's social media users, where 85.2% of the respondents follow influencers on their social media. This phenomenon is the background of researchers where, many tourists today rely heavily on information that they only know from Instagram, both from direct destination, travel bloggers/influencer even from their own friends especially users in Generation Y, who lived on the internet and they are very competent to use it to find information about products. The aim of this paper is to find out the influence of Instagram Travel Influencer on Visiting Decisions, for tourists who use Instagram as social media for their main information searching tools.The data in this study are quantitative and use analysis of Coefficient Correlation Test, Simple Linear Regression Analysis, and Correlation Product Moment. Data collection techniques used are interviews, observations, questionnaire, literature studies and document from Travel Influencer. The results of this study is there is a strong relationship as 0.634 shown from Influencer Travel to visiting decisions for a tourist destination.  Also 59.1% of the dependent variables can be predicted from a combination of all independent indicators.Through the analysis of this study, all tourist destination suggested to work together with Travel Influencer to promote their place. With Instagram, users can easily find information to evaluate alternatives before deciding to visit a tourist destination. It can maximize revenue from each company or tourist destination in promotion.

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