Ecotourism Development Strategy at Situ Gede Bogor

  • Imam Ardiansyah Bunda Mulia University


This study aims to determine the potential and strategy for developing natural ecotourism in the Situ Gede ​​Bogor. The research method used through survey and interview. The objective of this study is to identify the existing conditions,The analysis of the quality and potential of Situ Gede Ecotourism in Bogor as a tourist attraction so that the development directions in the city of Bogor can be formulated as a tourist attraction. Based on Internal Analysis of Strategic Factor Analysis Summary (IFAS) and External Strategic Factor Analysis Summary (EFAS) the following calculations are carried out: the number of strengths and opportunities (S + O) = 1.46+ 1.37 = 2.83, number of weaknesses and opportunities (W + O) = 1.43 + 1.37 = 2.80, number of strengths and threats (S + T) = 1.46 + 1.63 = 3.09, number of weaknesses and threats (W + T) = 1, 43 + 1.63 = 3.06. The calculation results show that the number of strengths and threats get the greatest results so that the chosen strategy is the Strategy Strength - Threats. This strategy uses the power it has to avoid threats that come from the outside environment. The development strategy is to increase public awareness by providing socialization about the benefits of the existence of the Situ Gede Ecotourism Area.

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